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Internet Banking Phishing Attempts Notice

First National Bank of Trenton’s Internet Banking will not ask you to enter personal or account information during the login process or for any Internet Banking pages where the information requested is not relevant to the transaction.  You should not enter sensitive data if you are prompted to do so during the login process.  Please ensure that the device you use to access Internet Banking has current, up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software definitions. 


Phishing attempts could possibly target Internet Banking in one of these three methods:


    •  The login process could be modified by adding a Web page stating that the

        computer cannot be identified and that the user is required to enter credit

        card information in order to continue.

    •  The page that requests the user data does appear to originate from the

        Internet Banking site with the correct URL and certificate information;

        however, this page is generated by malware installed on your local

        computer and not from the Internet Banking site.

    •  This malware could most likely be installed from an opened e-mail

        attachment or a compromised website viewed on an infected computer that

        you use for Internet Banking.


If you have any questions, please contact us at (903)989-2235 for further assistance.

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