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**  Stock Fund
Investment Type:  Cash or Money Market

The employer stock fund, which is used for plan liquidity, is invested in a Money Market Account and earns a rate of return competitive with similar accounts nationwide.  The rate of return is adjusted periodically to reflect current market conditions. 

Comparative Chart:  Rate of Return on Employer Stock Fund

 1 year  5 year  10 year
 0.66%   1.34%  1.76%


Stock Account
Investment Type:  Employer Securities

Qualifying employer securities (employer stock) is exempt from the requirements concerning the disclosure of an investment’s principal strategies and risks.  They are also exempted from the requirement to disclose an expense ratio, as well as the requirements related to fee and expense information.

Comparative Chart:  Average Annual Total Return*

1 year 5 year 10 year
20.19%  1.13%  2.11%

*Average annual return on employer stock is defined to mean the change in value of an investment in one share of stock on an annualized basis over a 1, 5 and 10 year period, assuming dividend reinvestment; such a return measurement is commonly referred to as total shareholder return. This return is calculated by taking the sum of the dividends paid during the measurement period, plus the difference between a stock price at the end and the beginning of the measurement period divided by the stock price at the beginning of the measurement period. For example, and ignoring the reinvestment of dividends for simplicity, if a share is $100 at the beginning of the measurement period and $115 at the close, and dividends paid totaled $5 over the period, the disclosed return would be 20; calculated as follows: ( (5 + (115 – 100)) / 100).

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